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Welcome to the website dedicated to the intelligence testing. Perform a professional IQ test and see how much is your intelligence quotient. It's true - intellectual ability can be measured! Psychologists have for many years elaborates more and better methods for testing the potential of the human mind. Tasks prepared by specialists allow for precise estimation of the capacity pairing logical facts, rational thinking skills and to measure the memory. The average IQ score is 100 in Canada. And how much is your IQ? If you want to find out, take part in the test.

Take an IQ Test and Know How Smart You Are

Youíve always considered yourself to be a smart individual Ė you breeze through exams in school, you donít have a hard time figuring out solutions to everyday problems, and people turn to you when then need answers to difficult or tricky questions. But if you want to know precisely how smart you really are, you can do so by taking an IQ test.

An IQ test is basically a set of questions dealing with the various aspects of intelligence, including logic, linguistics, mathematics, and visual-spatial. Some tests also include questions that pertain to other areas of intelligence like intrapersonal skills, art skills, and so on. Based on your answers to these questions, your IQ will be computed and this will be the measure of your overall intelligence.

There is only one standard method for scoring IQ test, which is to divide the mental age (acquired from the number of correct answers) by the chronological age (actual age of the person in years) and multiply the quotient by 100. Based on this method, the average IQ score for the entire human population is 100, which means their mental age is exactly the same as the chronological age.

People who score high will have a mental age that is higher than their real age, and their IQ score will be higher as well. In the same way, people who donít do too well on the IQ test will have a mental age lower than the chronological age, and IQ scores that are lower than 100.

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So if you take an IQ test and you get 106, itís good because youíre 6 points higher than the average person. But if you get a 98, itís still not that bad because you are still within the average range, which is actually from 90-110.

Now, if you already have an expectation that you will score high because you were always good in school and was always in the honor roll and all that, then you get a score lower than you expected, this doesnít mean that the IQ test is inaccurate, although that is a possibility. But if you take a different test and the results are very similar, then it could very well be true that your IQ isnít as high as you thought it would be.

However, that doesnít mean youíre not smart. Youíve always excelled in school after all. It only means that there are other factors that are important in real life besides IQ. Instead of beating yourself up because you didnít meet your own expectations, what you can do is examine your IQ test results and find out which areas you can still improve on.

If you are really determined to improve your IQ, you can certainly do so by doing mental exercises as often as you can. You can read more, play challenging games, and practice taking IQ tests online. All these activities can increase your IQ for sure, but never forget that IQ is just a small factor if you want to achieve real success in life.

What Is the Relevance of an IQ Test?

We all know that IQ is a number that represents the intellectual capacity of an individual and that it is derived from the results of an IQ test. But what is the relevance of IQ and IQ tests to the average person?

There are people who choose not to know what their IQ is because they believe this number is not significant and that it wonít change what they want to do with their lives. They may even be afraid that if they know their IQ, this knowledge might affect decisions that they are perfectly comfortable with otherwise.

There are also those who are obsessed with their IQ score and would do anything they can to keep increasing their score as much as they can. These people will have answered dozens of IQ tests for practice, and done all sorts of mental exercises just to improve their score even by a couple of points.

However, for the ordinary person, IQ is just a number that is given to them after taking an IQ test. Theyíll look at the number and get on with their lives. But according to experts, IQ tests can be much more relevant than people are making them out to be.

Even if you are not interested in beating your personal record when it comes to IQ test scores, it would do you a lot of good to spend some time looking through the results of your test. With free IQ tests, you only get your numerical score once you finish with the test, and obviously there is not much you can analyze with that.

But if you take a more detailed test, you will receive not only the number but also an in-depth analysis of your scores in the individual categories, like visual intelligence, logical intelligence, and so on. By examining these results, you will be able to see where you excel Ė you can use this to your advantage when applying for a job or to a university. In the same way, you will also see the areas that need improvement.

Some IQ testing sites even provide you with suggestions on how to improve your score in the areas that you find most challenging. For example, if your score was not too good in the visual-spatial section, you may be recommended to play games such as Tetris, or to practice map-reading, as these activities can significantly improve your visual-spatial skills. If you scored quite low in the verbal section, you may be encouraged to read some more in order to build vocabulary.

When you look at it this way, itís easy to see that IQ tests can really be relevant even to ordinary people as it can be a practical tool for improving your overall intelligence. It can even be used as a guide to help you choose a career path. In any case, just donít forget that IQ is still just a number and it does not dictate what you can and cannot do with your life.